Disable Key

Disable Key 1

Choose a specific key of your keyboard and disable it

Disable Key is a unique tool that can disable any key on your keyboard; customizing it to your specific needs. Select from the different modes available on Disable Key for tasks such as Program, Schedule and Always. With Program mode you select any application on your system and this tool will automatically disable your specified key anytime the application is running. You can select specific times and dates for your key deactivations with Schedule mode, and Always mode allows you to disable any key for as long as you want. There'll be no more messages appearing due to accidentally pressing a certain key. Just select Disable Key’s Always mode and forget about the problem. Whenever you're playing a game or using a specific application and a certain key is bothering you, use the Program mode in order to resolve the problem for as long as you need. Common keystroke errors now have a solution: Disable Key.

User reviews about Disable Key

  • hansbrandt

    by hansbrandt

    "I dont like it! Interferes with PhraseExpress!"

    I dont like it! Interferes with PhraseExpress! Plus its paid? What? A simple program like that demands a pay of 30$? ...   More.